Water Water Everywhere

When backpacking, as I mentioned before, you *can* bring all of your water with you, but that can be very heavy. It’s far easier to get water on the trail. While some may think filtering or purifying water isn’t necessary, that’s a gamble I would only make in a life-or-death instance. But with so many […]

Lord Hill Park

What is the difference between a walk and a hike? Its something I’ve been pondering as of late. To me, a walk you have just a water bottle and trainers, while a hike involves a pack and hiking boots or shoes. But what about paved ‘urban hiking’? That I only bring water on. Or if […]

Dog Mountain

Timing is everything. While this gem along the Columbia River Gorge offers stunning views in any season, for a few weeks in spring these views are gilded with millions of wildflowers in bloom. I timed it perfectly!

Thunder Knob

Long time, no post! I’ve been a little busy with a birthday trip and illnesses so hiking has fallen a bit by the wayside. I had a few people tell me in person they missed reading though, so last weekend with gorgeous weather I decided it was time for some new content and to spend […]

Skookum Flats

Near Mt. Rainier National Park is a hidden gem. A flat trail that leads to waterfalls, that can be snowy in winter but perfectly manageable for those without equipment. Better yet? This trail was empty–on a weekend! The secret is out–Skookum Flats is a trail you can’t miss.