Whistle Lake & Sugarloaf

After enjoying far too much beer at Brewology at the Pacific Science Center (by far the best beer festival I’ve ever been to), I needed to stretch my legs and burn some calories. I’m still suffering whiplash from the car crash I was in two weeks ago, so have been going stir-crazy not exercising. I finally […]

Backpack, backpack

Choosing a hiking pack is like choosing a car. In car shopping, safety is likely a huge factor–in pack shopping, fit is more important than anything. One problem with being a somewhat-more-casual hiker is that I don’t have the need to be trying new gear out constantly–I buy quality stuff and use it gently, so my […]

Urban Hikes: Myth or Real?

Winters in Seattle can run the gamut from snow to frigidly dry cold to rain to clouds (all in the same week, to boot). However, in the mountains around us, all of that weather translates to snow by the foot, making many popular hikes out of the question. While some paths are great for snowshoeing, and […]