Thirst on-the-Go

It’s easy to stay hydrated when you are wearing a hydration pack on your back, but on the days between hikes, it’s not as simple. I hate spending money on bottled water when in the PNW our water is as delicious straight from the tap as it comes. So, like so many other eco-friendly outdoorsy folks, I use a water bottle. Well, a few water bottles actually. One for the gym, one for my desk at work–and my Vapur collapsible bottle for when on-the-go or at sporting events.

Even with a giant purse, it’s not convenient to have some empty liter-sized bottle rattling around (and in the case of metal bottles, getting dented or scratched). My Vapur bottle can be folded up when not in use to fit in the palm of my hand (or pocket or purse or backpack). Especially at sporting events where I know there will be tons of water fountains around, it is a wonderful alternative to shelling out for bottled water. It’s great for travel as well–in Switzerland there are free fountains all over the cities, and it was so easy to unfurl my bottle and fill up whenever I wanted! I have two–a liter and a 0.7 liter size. I love how the clip top can clip on to my keys when the bottle is filled or be used to keep the bottle folded up nicely.

Tell me below–how do you stay hydrated when on-the-go?

Folded up, it fits in the palm of your hand.

Disclaimer: The writings above are entirely of my own opinion. I have received no compensation or products in exchange for this post. I just really like this product!

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  1. What a wonderful review! Thank you and stay hydrated!

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