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Hello all! After taking a birthday break last week, I’m back. This week, another gear review.

Everyone has different definitions of what ‘real camping’ is to them.  I’m not one to camp-shame as long as you’re being respectful to those around you and nature (i.e. please don’t blast music in a campground, and of course, leave no trace!). So if you sleep in a tent with a cot, sleeping pad, or an air-mattress, that’s great! It’s all a matter of personal preference. I personally use a sleeping pad under my sleeping bag. It’s just how I’ve always done it, although sleeping pads have come a looooong ways since my childhood on foam pads and egg-crate foam. Also, when I go backpacking it will be nice to already be used to a pad–can you imagine lugging an air mattress for miles into the woods?!

The size when nestled in the carrying pouch.

Typically now, most sleeping pads are either inflatable or very lightweight folding foam pads. There are pros and cons to each, so I went with my wallet– I was lucky enough to nab my inflatable Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad for a bargain price on Prime Day a few years ago. While this year’s Prime Day won’t come till summer (and no guarantees they will have the Static V again this year), I have heard it can be found at Costco for a reduced price for you bargain hunters. The pad inflates easily with less than 20 breaths (no need for a pump), but packs down in a compact carrying pouch to 18.3 ounces. While the pad boasts that it’s ‘side rails’ keep you in place all night, I am a very mobile sleeper, so I cannot attest to that in particular.

Fully inflated.
While lighter pads do exist, for the short, one-night backpacking trip and car camping trips I have planned I see no need to purchase a new pad that’s only slightly lighter when this one works perfectly fine. Anyone who has slept in a campsite with rocks or roots underneath will tell you any functioning pad is worth it’s weight in gold, and this pad works great for me. To me the most inventive part is that the patch kit is tucked inside a little pocket of the carrying pouch–genius! I typically treat patch kits like I do spare buttons, tossing aside ‘for later,’ after which they disappear into the void, never to be seen again. While I hope to never need to use the patch kit, its nice to know it will be handy.
Love the convenient pocket for the patch kit!
Again, there’s many ways to sleep while camping, and it can feel overwhelming–especially with the advent of people using hammocks now instead of tents! While I hope to one day try hammock camping,  my next few scheduled camping trips will be with a tent and my Klymit Static V pad, no matter where the campsite.

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  1. I’ve been looking for a good sleeping pad! Thanks for a thorough review!

    1. Thanks!

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