Cirque Training

Be bold, start cold. That was hammered into my mind my first time snowshoeing. You’re going to be moving so much that quickly, you’ll be warm enough to not need a billion thermal layers. However, if snow is falling or calf-deep, it’s still nice to have waterproof pants. But how do you strike a balance […]

Snow Pack: Gregory Maya 32

For winter hiking, you need to bring more layers (and more food!) compared to a summer hike. I’m an over-preparer and in addition to an extra jacket, I like to have an extra hat, gloves, and socks as well. There’s no way my 18L hydration daypack would hold all of that–it’s recommended to have a […]

Franklin Falls

I got a taste of snow hiking last winter and loved it. Snow hiking is like snowshoeing, only the trail is so packed down or light with snow that you can get away without snowshoes and use gear like microspikes for traction. Armed with a new pair of microspikes from Mama Boots, I set out […]