Bainbridge Brewing

If you’re headed back to Seatte after hiking in the Olympic Peninsula, like we were, you have tons of apres-hike beer options. With choosing the Bainbridge ferry back home, we knew there were tons of good options between the Lower Grey Wolf River and the ferry terminal. 

However, we chose for the easiest option–Bainbridge Brewing. They have two locations on the island, the second of which being their alehouse a few dozen feet from the ferry terminal. Location, location, location! As the rain started during our drive back, we half-limped half-ran to dodge raindrops before entering the alehouse. This charming area is small but cozy, with plants hanging from the ceilings and wood paneling. It felt like a brand-new building, and is in close proximity to the art museum on the island. Due to location, I’m guessing they get their fair share of tourists–we had tons of people trying to come in with young children (the alehouse is 21+ only) or shocked to learn we could bring in food from elsewhere.

Tasty beer awaits you!

After a look at the taplist, there was no way I could choose only one, so I got a four-beer sampler. I already knew I liked their Eagle Harbor IPA, which tasted as good as I remembered. Their grapefruit IPA, pumpkin ale, and alt rounded out my sampler, while the boyfriendo had pints of their IIPA and the fresh hop. We got to tucking into our beers, watching college football on the tvs spread about, and discussing our post-hike meal. There’s tons of options nearby, but with the rain falling and aching feet, we opted to get pizza from just a few hundred feet away. College football, pizza, and beer are the optimal post-hike tradition in the fall!


For those wanting a brew but traveling with kids or teens, their other location, the Brewery and Taproom, is all-ages. It’s only two miles from the ferry, so still a decent location, and they also allow outside food (and occasionally have a food truck). As it is larger than the alehouse, they often host live music or trivia nights. Both locations are right next to winery tasting rooms, if you have a picky crowd (although the alehouse did have two local wines available as well).

With the sky darkening and our eyes on a ferry schedule, we decided eventually to head home. It was a real treat to have their Eagle Harbor IPA again–next time I won’t wait so many years to have this beer! With tons of new-to-me hikes in the Olympic Peninsula, I know I’ll be back–soon.


In summary (to the best of my knowledge)…
  • Full kitchen: No, but plenty of outside food options to bring in
  • All-ages: No at Alehouse (allowed at Taproom)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Merch: Yes (glassware, hats, apparel)
  • Coasters: Yes
  • Outdoor seating: A few seats outside on the sidewalk

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  1. Don’t drink and drive! Even if you’re mere feet from the ferry.

    1. Of course not! There were tons of non-alcoholic options beyond water, and we were spacing our drinks over several hours.

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