Valley House Brewing

Sometimes, after a hike you go to the nearest brewery, especially if the next-closest is miles away. Beggars can’t be choosers in those instances, so I was thrilled to learn Valley House Brewing was both close to our hike and tasty! Damp from the rain and ready for a beer and warmth, we drove the 5 minutes from the trailhead at Cherry Creek Falls to the brewery. They have a small parking lot, but are also not far from a Park-n-Ride, where we had carpooled to get to the trail. They had both menus at the tables and a large hanging taplist to view.

Loved the hand-carved wood touches on the walls!

Mama Boots is a bit pickier with beer than I am, so asked for a taste, while I dove headfirst into their Senesence Amber Lager, which was malty and delicious and perfect for trying to warm up post-rainy hike. The inside of the brewery was definitely cozy too, with wood touches everywhere calling back to Duvall’s logging history. They had one garage-style window that could be raised in warmer times, but for now everything inside was cozy. Mama Boots loved their Hometown Hefeweizen, which had the clove-and-banana taste a hef is supposed to have, but was on the milder side, which we both liked. Some hefs to me are almost like a banana Laffy Taffy with how overpowering the esters are, but this one struck a nice balance.


Sausage and a beer after a rainy-day hike, name a more iconic duo.

Having only eaten a Clif bar and a bit of turkey jerkey all day, my belly was crying out for food–hot food specifically. I ordered the kielbasa on a hoagie from their menu on the table, but hanging next to the taplist is their specials, which had a few tempting options and even dessert as well. However, the kielbasa hit the spot, especially paired with my beer. With the Apple Cup in a few hours and the rain outside starting to downpour, we reluctantly decided to leave the cozy brewery, but I’ll gladly have their beers again!

In summary (to the best of my knowledge)…
  • Full kitchen: Yes
  • All-ages: No
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Merch: Yes (Apparel)
  • Coasters: No
  • Outdoor seating: Garage door opens up, outdoor patio in summer

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  1. I would definitely go there again. Mama Boots

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