Vashon Brewing Community Pub

Despite only being 37 square miles, there are multiple options to whet your whistle on Vashon Island, whether being a tourist or after hiking in Dockton Forest or Shinglemill Creek Preserve. On this day, we chose Vashon Brewing Community Pub

Located almost perfectly between Dockton Park and the ferry to West Seattle, Vashon Brewing Community Pub was the perfect post-hike beer pit stop on the way home. It’s been open for just under a year, but the beer has been made since 2011. Inside, this cozy space offers many of their IPAs and less-hoppy options, along with wines and gluten-free ciders from other Island businesses. They have games for inside, and a beautiful courtyard-type patio and outdoor bar area for warmer months.

The taplist for Early March.

Having hiked 4.5 miles at Dockton Forest, Mama Boots and I were eager to peruse their food menu as well. They have a regular menu but also some specials, with us both getting the special ‘bangers & mash’ of a smoked porter brat with mashed potatoes. The food arrived fast and was so delicious we wolfed it down and debated ordering more!

As I was DD, I settled for a pint instead of a taster. Their Aroma Therapy IPA is made with Mosaic hops, so it won out in my internal debate versus the Vashon Winter Ale. Not being a fan of hoppy beer, Mama Boots got the Burton Blonde. VBCP try to use local ingredients whenever possible, and even use a special enzyme to reduce gluten in their beers (their website quotes this as <10 ppm and says it’s good for ‘gluten-intolerant’ people). We both enjoyed our beers immensely, but I think outside on that patio if it were 25* warmer would have really been the cherry on top. Guess I’ll just have to return in the summer!


The Community Pub lives up to it’s name by being all-ages and hosting events year-round, like live music and trivia. There were plenty of shops nearby along the main street to explore, including a very cute plant store. For my first time on Vashon Island, I was charmed by the city–and thrilled to know there’s good beer, too.

In summary (to the best of my knowledge)…
  • Full kitchen: Yes
  • All-ages: Yes
  • Dog friendly: Unsure
  • Merch: Yes (Apparel, glassware)
  • Coasters: Unsure
  • Outdoor seating: Courtyard-style patio on the side and standing bar in the front

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  1. I would definitely go back there if I am on Vashon Island for any reason!
    Mama Boots

    1. Yes! With more time there’s another brewery we missed by just one block, not to mention the cideries!

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