About Me

My name is Gabby. I’ve lived in the greater Seattle area my whole life. The city is surrounded by water and greenery from all sides, in addition to the snow-capped Olympic and Cascade mountains. Despite growing up hiking and visiting state and national parks my whole life, my mind still yearns for the new settings, thrilling views, and fresh air that the great outdoors provides. In addition to hiking, I also enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding to keep my weekends (or even weeknights in the summer) occupied. My weekdays are occupied with a day job, cooking, being a dog mom, and Netflix.

I love trying new things and new gear. I own far too many pint glasses and probably qualify as a major tegestologist–someone who collects beer coasters. I love football (go Seahawks and Go Buckeyes!) soccer (world cup and MLS Sounders) and rooting on the Mariners. Besides beer, I have major weaknesses for pasta and macarons. I live in Edmonds, Washington with my boyfriend and adventure pup, Schooner.


I can be reached at wetbootsdryhops@gmail.com