Stamp Act

I used to have a serious problem as a child collecting things. Beanie Babies, Tamogotchis, rocks, shells, even tile samples at Eagle Hardware (RIP). My mother just LOVED it when I’d pick a new item to take up space in the house. As an adult, I’ve calmed down–a bit. Now I collect things like beer coasters […]

Do the Dome

I went to school up in Bellingham, where you are more surrounded by trees and mountains than you are in Seattle! There are many popular outdoor spots–Whatcom Falls, Teddy Bear Cove, the Arboretum–but my favorite of all is the Oyster Dome hike. 

Not to Badger You…

But if you’ve never been east of the Cascade mountains, you’re really missing out! I grew up with family in Eastern Washington, so I got to spend years exploring the sunshine and mighty Columbia River over there. However, I had never before done any ‘real’ hiking in Eastern Washington…until now. 

Raindrops? Don’t Stop!

In the Pacific Northwest, it rains. Frequently. It’s good for avoiding drought, powers our hydroelectric dams, and keeps everything green, so better to accept the rain than try to fight it. So if you bookmark a day on the calendar to hike and it’s raining, what’s a hiker to do?