Urban Hiking: Kubota Garden

Call it an urban hike, call it a walk in the park–either way, there’s tons of options available for you year-round in Seattle to see some nature and get some exercise. With winter coming, it’s great to have trails available if you lack the equipment or driving skills to hit the powder-covered trails up higher. 

Bainbridge Brewing

If you’re headed back to Seatte after hiking in the Olympic Peninsula, like we were, you have tons of apres-hike beer options. With choosing the Bainbridge ferry back home, we knew there were tons of good options between the Lower Grey Wolf River and the ferry terminal. 

Dru Bru

Similar to Mason Lake, I have attempted or meant to go to Dru Bru many times before, but was thwarted. However, Beers at the Bottom recommended it as their pairing brewery to go with Mason Lake, in their book Beer Hiking the Pacific Northwest, so I felt that if Mason Lake happened, Dru Bru was […]

Ira Spring: Mason Lake

To myself and many other like-minded people, beer and hiking go together like peanut butter and chocolate. There’s something to me abut misty alpine lakes and tall mountain peaks that make me crave hops. Beers at the Bottom have been writing about hikes and the brews that come afterwards since 2013–and now literally wrote the […]