Urban Hiking: Kubota Garden

Call it an urban hike, call it a walk in the park–either way, there’s tons of options available for you year-round in Seattle to see some nature and get some exercise. With winter coming, it’s great to have trails available if you lack the equipment or driving skills to hit the powder-covered trails up higher.¬†

Lord Hill Park

What is the difference between a walk and a hike? Its something I’ve been pondering as of late. To me, a walk you have just a water bottle and trainers, while a hike involves a pack and hiking boots or shoes. But what about paved ‘urban hiking’? That I only bring water on. Or if […]

Urban Hikes: Myth or Real?

Winters in Seattle can run the gamut from snow to frigidly dry cold to rain to clouds (all in the same week, to boot). However, in the mountains around us, all of that weather translates to snow by the foot, making many popular hikes out of the question. While some paths are great for¬†snowshoeing, and […]