The Best-Laid Plans…

I had dreams of hiking last Sunday. Partly for the sunshine, partly for some non-gear related blogging. I wanted to get some pics of my pack for what I said would be my next post. However, the best laid plans most certainly went awry. 

First, while driving a service rental car back to the shop on Friday, I got slammed into while stopped in traffic. Airbag went off, car totaled, massive bruises, and whiplash, not to mention the emotional trauma. That alone ruined my hiking plans as I couldn’t fully turn my head until today (and I am still so fortunate it wasn’t worse). But my weekend would only get worse when I learned my beloved Pomeranian Foxy died suddenly Saturday night.

Foxy on Glenenden Beach, OR

So to say the least, it was a truly terrible weekend. I might still need time to let my neck and shoulder recover before I can hike with a pack, so I apologize for my upcoming posts remaining gear-related. I know spring will come soon, but it cannot come soon enough–I need to feel the sun and fresh air to heal.


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