Birdsview Brewing

After an enthralling hike at Heather-Maple Loop Pass, we decided to wet our whistles at a brewery that is an institution for Highway 20 hikers–Birdsview Brewing. 

Open since 2006, this brewery is nestled in between the towns of Concrete and Birdsview along Highway 20, the perfect stop after hiking in North Cascades National Park or other areas nearby like Mount Baker. After a quick change from our hike, we showed up early in the evening on a Saturday to find this charming brewery in a hut-like structure. Even on a cooler fall evening, there were people in the 21+ outdoor beer garden, as the inside was standing-room only from a band playing. We lucked into getting two stools that had just cleared at the bar.

The early October taplist.
We loved identifying where these growlers came from!

I took in my surroundings as the staff tended to customers. The walls were covered in beer-themed tin signs, but most interestingly to me was the ceiling with three rows of hanging growlers. The boyfriendo and I had fun spying growlers we recognized from breweries as far away as Boston. They also had Halloween decorations up, a nice touch I haven’t seen too many other breweries do. That spirit convinced me to order a Daddy’s Little Pumpkin ale.

After I got a few sips into my (delicious) beer, I was able to see why the place was packed! This joint has amazing beer–and only their beer, plus a few guest ciders–on tap. They have a strong sense of pride for their beer–I noticed not only the “All Beer Brewed Here” on their board, but their menu had FAQs letting readers know there is no Bud Light to be found here, or anything resembling it. That alone would pack locals and tourists alike in, but the band playing that night was also great, meaning we joined in with the crowd at the sad disappointment when closing time was announced.

So we came back! On our way out of town and after hiking Sauk Mountain a bit closer to Concrete, we decided we needed one more post-hike brew and food. This time I tried one of their year-round beers, the Witless. Like any good Belgian wit, this one had hints of coriander and orange peel, and was served with an orange wedge. Like a Blue Moon, but far higher quality and better-tasting. As I wasn’t driving, I even got another pumpkin to try to better compare the two–no clear winner, they were both great! It’s always a good sign to me when a place has tasty seasonals and flagships, it shows they know what they’re doingThe boyfriendo stuck to hoppier beers, enjoying the GPA best.

Birdsview’s hours fluctuate with the seasons, so double-check before you arrive. One last note–we both had little to no cell service here, and there is no customer Wifi. If being connected is a concern for you, take note. Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy your beer in this hop-filled hut.

In summary (to the best of my knowledge)…
  • Full kitchen: Yes
  • All-ages: Inside yes, 21+ in beer garden
  • Dog friendly: Unsure
  • Merch: Yes (glassware, hats, apparel)
  • Coasters: Yes
  • Outdoor seating: 21+ beer garden, has some areas covered and some open.




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