Stormy Mountain Brewing

While Chelan might be famous for its’ wineries, fear not, hop-heads: There’s a brewery right in town for you!

A Mojo Red Ale outside.

As my trip to Chelan was for Mother’s Day, I felt it was only fair to be DD to Mama Boots and my aunt while winery-hopping, assuming there’d be plenty of chances to walk the 0.1 miles from our hotel to Stormy Mountain Brewery in the heart of town (gesture not fully selfless, I’m allergic to red wine and not a fan of white). However, as time dwindled on Saturday I got fearful! After a hike up Chelan Butte, brunch, a dip in the pool, showers, going to four wineries, and scavenging for dinner, all in unrelenting heat and sun, finally I had my chance for a brew. My family in tow but done drinking for the day, it was a shorter stop than I would have liked, but I made do! We started in the outside seating with their Mojo red ale for me.

Spring taplist on the smaller tv at the bar.

It was a great end to a long, hot, sunny day. The beer was cold (I’m not one of those snobs who sniffs about ‘cellar temperature,’ especially after a 90* day) and tasty. We did eventually move indoors, and were happy that the inside of the building was nice and cool, the brick walls helping I’m sure. There was a beautiful mural on one wall, with apparel merch (t-shirts, hoodies, tanks) and TVs on another. I ordered another beer, their 25 Mile CDA (not overly smoky like many other CDAs), and tried to finish before one of the three of us fell asleep from exhaustion.

I’d love to go back and give Stormy Mountain my full attention (including a meal!) for a visit. Any place bragging about house-made sauces gets my attention, and I did enjoy the two quick beers I had. I’m sure I’ll be back in town soon enough to stop at Stormy Mountain for another pint!


In summary (to the best of my knowledge)…
  • Full kitchen: Yes, known for their bbq
  • All-ages: Yes
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Merch: Yes (Apparel, glassware)
  • Coasters: No?
  • Outdoor seating: Cafe-style on the sidewalk



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