North Jetty Brewing

Maybe it’s my city-girl bias talking, but in the last year, twice I’ve been genuinely surprised to greatly enjoy beer from a small-town brewery. If people are coming to the only brewery around for miles, I guess I thought some places would skimp on taste or quality. But not in Long Beach!

So many beers, how to choose?! Note the names of mug club members around the walls, which encircled the entire brewery.

Brewing since 2012, North Jetty Brewing (technically not in Long Beach but one mile south, in Seaview) offered tons of selection when we visited after hiking at Cape Disappointment State Park. Fourteen beers (and one guest cider) were on tap! Obviously I couldn’t possibly choose just one, so we each got samplers, which were a pick-your-own of four beers, of which I chose the Roggenbier, Raspberry Hef, Pomegranate SNAFU fruited wheat, and the Beach Haze Hazy IPA (after ensuring my companion got the Brewer’s Reserve Mosaic that I also wanted to try).

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve been to a brewery with coasters!

Of the fruity beers, I preferred the raspberry hef moreso than the SNAFU, which I had hoped would have been more tart. But for me the big standout was the Brewer’s Reserve Mosaic IPA, which I nearly bought a growler of to bring home. Any of the beers I had I would gladly have again. You can tell there’s a sense of community pride at this family-run brewery, with the (I’m assuming?) mug club members’ names all over the walls. Every restaurant and bar in town and the outlying areas had at least one beer from them on tap as well, showing a mutual love.

A selection of merch available.

If we were within walking distance, I could have stayed at the brewery all day (besides the beer, they had killer music playing when we visited, too!). Sadly, a shower and dinner reservations in town were calling our names. We finished up our samplers and headed back to the hotel, raving about our beers. We left the coast feeling we had much more to see, so hopefully we’ll be back soon and can make a long stop at this brewery again!


In summary (to the best of my knowledge)…
  • Full kitchen: No–hot dogs and soft pretzels available for purchase along with chips and other small snacks, outside food can be delivered/brought in
  • All-ages: Yes, until 6pm when it becomes 21+ (a concept I am a big fan of!)
  • Dog friendly: Yes, on the front porch
  • Merch: Yes (Apparel, glassware, and more)
  • Coasters: Yes
  • Outdoor seating: Patio (partially covered)

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  1. Orange and black? I’m on board

    1. They had a pretty good selection of merch and seemed to know their marketing!

  2. Thanks for coming in – glad you had a good time! Cheers! Erik (NJB co-owner)

    1. We loved the beer! Can’t wait to return.

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