Lost Coast Brewery

Years ago at Blues n’ Brews in Richland, I sampled a beer so wondrously like nectar–Lost Coast’s Tangerine Wheat. Now, years later, it was finally time to have one fresh from the source!

Lost Coast Brewery has been in Eureka since 1989! They also are one of the earlier woman-run breweries in the country, something always awesome to support. In addition to the delectable Tangerine Wheat, their other flagships include their original beer the Great White (a delicious wit), the Downtown Brown, Alleycat Amber, and more. After a long day of driving, hiking, and two other breweries, we rolled into town after dark, starving and ready for a good night’s sleep as soon as we paid our bill.

The less-grand but still useful back entrance of the Brewery & Cafe.

As it was dark when we rolled up to their Brewery & Cafe (not to be confused with their new brewery facility two miles south), there wasn’t much a chance to get pictures of the exterior. There’s a big front on the street, but the parking lot behind the back has a small, well-lit entrance. We gave our names and were led to seats near the front, letting us see how big and expansive the two-story brewery was. Adorning the walls were tin signs and posters, adorned with awards and artwork by the same artist who makes their beer can art, Duane Flatmo. The distinct cubism style means even states away, you’ll know a Lost Coast bottle from the shelf. There’s a strong community feel here, with Lost Coast being big proponents of the Humboldt Jazz Festival.

Having only tried two or three of their beers before, we set to ordering a sampler. Having also been on vacation for a few days prior, I ordered a salad after only a little pressure from Mama Boots. As I had been saying this entire trip, I wish that we had more time to sit and relax, rather than being tired, sticky, and bloated from a day of hiking and drinking. Thank goodness Lost Coast had a ton of refreshing beer! The requisite (to us, at least) Tangering Wheat and Great White were joined by a Hazy IPA, Sharkinator white IPA, and Alleycat Amber. While it was nice to try beers I can’t get at home, the Tangerine Wheat and Great White are still a 1-2 punch of great taste.

For those who haven’t heard me espouse on the Tangerine Wheat, it’s what I call a “starter beer” for those who haven’t quite acquired the taste. It’s a juice beer, almost like a shandy or beermosa (oooh, I bet it would make a delicious beermosa!), but it’s tasty year-round for those even with the most discerning palates. Can you tell I’m a fan? I remember buying a 6-pack of this and the Great White for my cousins, who couldn’t believe how much better they tasted than Coors Light (ahh, youth).

Some of the eclectic interior.

While I’m sure I could have easily spent a ton of time shopping merch and chatting with bartenders, time was ever our foe. Ironically, our hotel was pretty much across the street from their newer brewing facility, which could have allowed more time (and no need for a DD), but it closes at 6pm, which was before we rolled into town. However, given the proximity to the southern end of Redwood National and State Parks, I think I’ll just have to find my way back to Eureka for another fresh Tangerine Wheat soon.

In summary (to the best of my knowledge)…
  • Full kitchen: Yes
  • All-ages: Yes
  • Dog friendly: No
  • Merch: Yes (Tons of options well beyond apparel and glassware)
  • Coasters: Yes
  • Outdoor seating: Not at this location, but perhaps at other location 2 miles south?

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  1. Ah yes, the Lost Coast beer can art, recognizable among any grocery store wall of alcoholic beverages

    1. It sure stands out!

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