101 Brewery

After limping back down Mt. Townsend, I needed beer (and ice, and ibuprofen). Luckily, a few miles from the forest road was 101 Brewery in Quilcene!

My Pilsner, fresh from the source!

Operated since 1996, this nanobrewey offers pizza, burgers, and more for the hungry hiker. We pulled up and got a seat, one of the last as the place was filling up with families and other lunch-goers. I did say nanobrewery–their website advertises four flagship beers, but they do seasonals and experimental beers too. Unfortunately, when we visited, they only had one house-made beer available, a Pilsner. I’m not typically a huge fan of Pilsners, but I had visited them specifically to drink their beer, so I chose to go with that instead of something from their guest taps. We also ordered burgers to replenish our fully-depleted caloric stores.


Their four flagship ales. Sadly none were on tap at the time I visited, or else a sampler would have been in order!

As we waited for our food, we admired the feel of the place–guessing they have a good mix of tourists and locals on weekends, especially in the summer, but mostly locals the rest of the time. Besides the brewery space, next door is a full restaurant (it’s officially 101 Brewing at Twana Roadhouse), and I’m sure sitting in the roadhouse you can still get their beer. Our food came, and we ravenously wolfed it down. While my chicken burger was great, the wonderous pizza aroma wafting about had me debating if I made the right choice.

While I’m still not a fan of Pilsners in general, I’m happy I sampled theirs, and will gladly try another beer from them if given the chance. However, for those wanting to try a wider range of styles or multiple unique beers (or if you have a picky passenger), Poulsbo has several breweries to chose from in the area a bit closer to the mainland. However, I’m still wanting to try more 101 Beers–and maybe a pizza too.

In summary (to the best of my knowledge)…
  • Full kitchen: Yes
  • All-ages: Yes
  • Dog friendly: No?
  • Merch: Admittedly I am unsure–they might have had some apparel. I will edit if corrected!
  • Coasters: No
  • Outdoor seating: A nice uncovered deck at the front.

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