Ancient Lakes

For a bit, it felt like I would never make it out to this trail! I had plans last spring, but then the pandemic hit. March had a fee-free day and a massive race (during said pandemic, which, just, buh?) pushing us back twice, and with temps predicted in the high 70s to low 80s, […]

Skookum Flats

Near Mt. Rainier National Park is a hidden gem. A flat trail that leads to waterfalls, that can be snowy in winter but perfectly manageable for those without equipment. Better yet? This trail was empty–on a weekend! The secret is out–Skookum Flats is a trail you can’t miss. 

Franklin Falls

I got a taste of snow hiking last winter and loved it. Snow hiking is like snowshoeing, only the trail is so packed down or light with snow that you can get away without snowshoes and use gear like microspikes for traction. Armed with a new pair of microspikes from Mama Boots, I set out […]