I don’t have a fancy camera. The only times I’ve backpacked were at sleepaway camp ages ago. I’d rather hike Lake Serene with too-small shoes than use the term ‘glamping.’ So why start a blog about hiking?
Well, for starters, not all of us are thru-hikers. As awesome of an accomplishment as it is, I’ve got a day job keeping me limited to camping trips and day hikes–and there is nothing wrong with that! There’s tons of people who enjoy day hiking, but don’t backpack or conquer hundreds of miles in one trip. Also, it seems to me there are way more east coast hiker girls than west coast–we’ve got great sights too!
I have a sedentary work week. I sit at an office job, and I sit in a car for my commute. I look out the windows and dream of my next adventure in the great PNW–and the brew to drink after.

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